Why should you specialize in SAP Business?

Specializations, masters, postgraduates and doctorates are studies that today are, more than an option, a necessity since new challenges are presented each time that must be solved. If you are a professional in the area of ​​business finance, specializing in SAP Business is very important to stay within the job competition. In the following article we will show you valid reasons for choosing this specialization and where you can take it this 2020. Importance of specializing in SAP Business The world is advancing rapidly, and falling behind is not an option. Whatever the area in which you work, you will have noticed that the processes are different than some years ago, so surely you will have had to make changes or learn new things to remain competitive. In the same way, professionals in the financial and business area have had to face many challenges, so specializing with masters, courses and postgraduates has become a necessity to aspire to the new jobs that are required in companies. SAP Business is one of the new business management tools, a software designed for small and medium-sized companies that automates commercial functions such as finance, purchase and sale operations, inventory, production, project management, services, human resources, among others. . Currently, it is very important that professionals who are oriented to business administration specialize in SAP Business since this new tool is the basis of the new administrative management model. The new demands in labor matters require prepared professionals with up-to-date knowledge, so if you want to be a good candidate and expand your work horizons, studying this postgraduate course is a priority. Let’s see below some of the institutes where you can specialize in SAP Business this 2020: Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) Pre-registration for the 9th edition of the SAP UPV Master is now open. This program has been updated to address the changes caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, so that it can be carried out without interruptions, providing students with security without reducing the quality of content or access to personalized advice. Currently, 90% of the students who studied the SAP UPV Master in one of the last 5 editions, are working as SAP Consultants in the companies where they did the internship. The cost is less than € 30 a month. EADE The EADE Master in SAP Business One, approved by SAP Spain, prepares professionals to face the new challenges facing companies and the changing scenarios experienced by the world economy. EADE graduates have a very high level of job placement due to the high standards of demand of this study center, so specializing in SAP Business with this master will open many doors for you in companies. You can check the registration period and request an interview with the Master’s address through 952 20 71 22 or at [email protected]

National University of Distance Education (UNED) The UNED Foundation offers the Superior SAP Course in Logistics Management and Introduction to S / 4 HANA. This innovative program, with live online assistance, is committed to training professionals for the future, in which the use of this management tool will be a necessity for all companies. The use of the SAP Business management system grows year after year, so being certified in this field will be essential for professionals who want to focus their careers on business administration. Places continue to increase and the training requirements are more stringent, so specializing in UNED will be a great step forward. Instituto Superior de Estudios Profesionales CEU 75 years of experience guarantee the ISEP CEU as an excellent house of studies, which strives to ensure that the student job market is oriented towards first-rate companies. The SAP S / 4 HANA Financial Acounting Certification Course offers you comprehensive training, in high demand in the world of work, with an insertion of 100% of the students. It stands out for having a high-level teaching faculty. All the professors are active Certified SAP Consultants from the company Sothis, one of the most important consultants in the SAP universe. ESIC ESIC Business & Marketing School has signed a collaboration agreement with SAP Spain in order to promote the training of new professionals in the SAP environment. In this way, the training offered in the Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management + SAP ERP [LOCS] manages to be of the highest quality. Students graduating from this specialty at ESIC have an employability ratio of 88% 6 months after completing the program, an excellent reference for the well-valued graduates. This percentage increases to 95% a year after the end of the program. In summary, specializing in SAP Business is the best way for you to be updated on the new procedures and tools used in companies for financial management and administration. Every year more companies decide to incorporate this integrated management system to maximize their processes, so being certified in SAP will give you excellent opportunities. It not only encourages you to further develop your career but also allows you to broaden your work horizons and aspire to new and in-demand professional profiles in companies, including Certified Consultants in SAP Business. Innovation is the key to keeping you in the competition.