When the brand travels to the heart of the consumer | Direct marketing

This year tourism will become a great opportunity to impact and retain customers, and b! Hub encourages brands to bring their products closer to consumers through hoteliers in an environment where they are more receptive and willing to listen. health crisis we have experienced has shaken us in many ways. Having stopped, we have become more aware of the value of time, of the small things and of the incredible nature that we have seen flourish little by little from our windows as we had never done before: observing. We will wear it this year every time we travel. Finally we fill the suitcases with more than just clothes … illusion to see things like the first time. And all those outdoor plans are the ones we will appreciate the most, those far from the hustle and bustle of big cities and crowds. Charming hotels are emerging as the great allies of the perfect vacation, in which the countryside and the fresh air will be the new luxury. Look and see orchards, mountains, rivers, lakes, gardens … That is why, from Ruralka, the Quality Club of charming hotels, they have developed the # Esteañomequedo campaign in order to support national tourism and local hotels, destinations and businesses surrounding these establishments. As a “chain of favors”, each Ruralka hotel is heartily recommended to natural park guides, local artisans, artists and galleries, chefs from other restaurants, etc., in order to make your stay in the hotel a small circuit of value for everyone.The hotel host becomes the great prescriber, but not only of authentic plans, but of brands. Inside your business, pleasant moments are lived, without advertising saturation, in a relaxed atmosphere, with free time and a positive emotional state. These are all perfect ingredients to surprise someone willing to listen to you with all five senses. Who does not like to find a detail when entering the room? A product sample becomes a gift in an incredible moment, without barriers, highly qualified, reaching high levels of remembrance. This year more than ever, brands must bring their products in such a friendly way to their consumers, who are more receptive and willing to listen to the host of your hotel who offers you his best recommendations. Going back to travel is going to be a new great adventure and a new great opportunity to impact and build loyalty. At b! Hub they are specialists in conducting unconventional marketing campaigns, and thanks to the partnership agreement recently signed with Ruralka, they are the agency responsible for develop all kinds of actions for brands in the more than 200 hotels they offer. In an environment at a national level, all imaginable segmentation possibilities are proposed, to suit each product, target and time of consumption, for which they propose customized plans for the best brand strategy. Do not miss anything from MarketingDirecto.com and join our Telegram t.me/MarketingDirecto