Warner Music Mexico joins for the 3rd consecutive year to celebrate LGBTI + pride

In a completely atypical year, Warner Music Mexico makes its mark again during the LGBTI + 2020 Pride Month celebrations at CDMX, hand in hand with Warner artists and together with actors, opinion leaders and influencers, as well as organizations such as the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC for its silgas in English), UNAIDS, and the Yaaj México Foundation, a leading organization in the promotion and defense of sexual diversity, returned to participate in a campaign whose message Tolerance and respect for the lives of others are essential. In addition to this, for the third consecutive year Warner artists were involved in the #Justice Without Discrimination campaign. This time the official spokespersons were Jesse & Joy, who in addition to preparing Together with the aforementioned institutions, they emphasized the importance of ending conversion therapies, better known as ECOSIGS. This campaign was carried out alongside of international ambassadors, national deputies and deputies, as well as members of institutions responsible for ensuring the rights of the LGBTI + community. Within the framework of this initiative, the winners of the Grammy also offered a virtual concert in which they delighted all who They connected through social networks with some of their greatest hits, as well as songs from “Aire”, their most recent studio album. This led to the Huerta brothers deciding to release “LOVE”, a music video in which They managed to gather more than 200 friends from the music industry, opinion leaders, influencers, members of the artistic community and allies, to be part of this unique audiovisual of its kind and whose generated profits will go to the YAAJ Mexico Foundation, to continue promoting their social work at the national level, mainly in the accompaniment of young victims of sexual violence.Jesse & Joy, hand in hand with personalities such as T Halía, Alejandro Sanz, Juanes, Luis Fonsi, Danna Paola, Laura Pausini, Maite Perroni, as well as Juanpa Zurita and Martha Debayle, joined this international fight. In addition to this, yesterday, Jesse & Joy was part of the LGBTI + Virtual Pride March, which brought together thousands of people through social networks and with which the duet again spread his message of love: # LoveEsNuestroIdioma. For its part, Warner Music Mexico also reinforced its commitment in a campaign of social networks with messages from the artists of the company, who under the name #OrgulloWarner, sent a message of inclusion to their followers.Ximena Sariñana, Lizzo, Nicole Gatti, Beto Cuevas, Sofía Reyes, Mario Bautista and Alex Ubago, It was only some of the protagonists in these videos, who invited their followers to join in this great celebration, reaching an impact of 3,364,224 million interactions. In this way Warner Music Mexico reiterated its commitment as part of the companies committed to LGBT inclusion in Mexico, a distinction awarded just a few months ago and whose center of motivation is to make music and its artists the same language of love, respect and tolerance.