Vodafone Triple Yuser Triple Upgrade: More Gigabytes, More Fiber Speed, and Cheaper Pass

Vodafone has started the summer in style and, in just a few days, has released new unlimited cheaper rates, has incorporated the VoD horror service ‘Planet Horror’ into its Vodafone TV offer and announced its summer promotion, which this year includes unlimited data or Tidal HiFi in contract and up to 15 GB per month in prepaid. Not content with that, the operator has decided to also improve its Big Yuser rate in all modalities, so that, maintaining the price, it has increased the data bonuses in prepaid, contract and fiber by 5 GB, and has increased the speed of this last at 600 Mbps. In addition, with the arrival of summer, Vodafone yu also offers a discount on Pass and TIDAL Premium services. From July 1 and automatically Vodafone yu improves the conditions of its Big Yuser rate in all its forms (contract, prepaid and mobile + fiber) without raising the price from today. This change will mean an increase of 5 GB in mobile rates and the inclusion of fiber at 600 Mbps (double the 300 Mbps it has offered until now). In this way, the new conditions of the Big Yuser rate are as follows: Big Yuser (contract and prepaid): 15 GB of cumulative navigation, unlimited gigabytes on Social Networks and unlimited messaging and calls for 15 euros per month. Big Yuser + Fibra: 15 GB of cumulative navigation, 600 Mbps of fiber, unlimited gigabytes in Social Networks and unlimited messaging and calls for 45 euros per month. These improvements will take effect from tomorrow, July 1. Existing Big Yuser customers will automatically start enjoying these new conditions on their next billing cycle or when they renew their rate quota in the case of prepayment, without the need to request it. In addition, from July 1, Vodafone yu customers will also be able to access Video Pass, Music Pass and Maps Pass, as well as TIDAL Premium, at special prices: Unlimited gigabytes in video apps with Video Pass for 5 euros per month. This offer will be valid until August 31 and all those who contract it in this period will enjoy this promotional price forever. Unlimited gigabytes in music apps and maps with Music Pass and Maps Pass for 1 euro per month. TIDAL Premium service for 3.99 euros per month with more than 60 million songs, exclusive content from the best artists, interviews, access to events and more than 250,000 videos. Share Triple improvement in Vodafone Big Yuser: more gigabytes, more fiber speed and cheaper pass