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The KISS principle does not come to talk about types of kisses or anything like that. It is a philosophy applicable to almost everything. KISS comes from Keep It Simple, Stupid, that is, Keep it simple, stupid! Although there are variations of the acronym like Keep it short or simple. Does that sound like “less is more”? Well, that’s exactly what the KISS principle comes to tell us. Applied to marketing, he states that the simple sells much more than the complex, that customers do not want the characteristics of the products they offer to be a prospect. Identify the needs of the audience you are targeting and tell directly how your products and services can solve their problems. Try to translate the characteristics of your product into benefits for the client and you will get results. How the KISS principle is applied The first step will be to optimize the cover letter of your business or product, that is, the website and marketing communications that you maintain with your customers. When a user enters a website that is overloaded with information and in which it is difficult to find what he is looking for, he does not think twice and leaves. Why? Because there is probably another brand that makes it easier. Therefore, we must go ahead and optimize the website always thinking of the user, so that from the first contact with your business you know that you will find what you are looking for. It is not so easy, we know, it requires constant ideas and multiple changes, but it will be worth it! The same thing happens with marketing communications, avoid information overload and communicate with your customers in the simplest way possible, regardless of the channel or format. Think different, think KISS Let’s take a moment to analyze Apple’s success… its philosophy is totally KISS! Ken Segall, creative leader of the Apple team, explains in his book Think Simple: How Smart Leaders Defeat Complexity (2016) how simplicity is the key to success, although he recognizes that simplicity is far from simple. “Many people make things much more difficult than they need to be. I think that people and companies have a tendency to be very complete, they analyze and they over analyze so much that in a way they lose sight of the simplicity that is there for them to take it and succeed »Ken Segall. When we think of Apple we see simplicity everywhere: in the line of its products, in its eCommerce or in physical stores. Therefore, this brand is one of the first to be thought of when talking about the KISS principle, as it was the key to its success. Not only did it simplify its products, but it also achieved it in the organization of the company and consumer services. This case is not isolated, since companies like IKEA or Coca-Cola also use this philosophy for some of their advertising campaigns. Google is another of the great examples, despite the complexity that is intuited in the inner worlds of this search engine, simplicity is the key to its success with respect to the competition. In short, if you are able to simplify your message to 140 characters on Twitter, starting today, you can include the KISS principle in your marketing strategy. Stay informed of the most relevant news on our Telegram channel