The Ministry of Finance of Equatorial Guinea launches a Virtual Legal Library

The Ministry of Finance, Economy and Planning (MHEP) has made a new information tool “The Virtual Legal Library” available to the public. A collection of documents conceived with the purpose of making available to the officials of the administrative units of the state the tools necessary for the proper execution of their tasks. Many standards can be consulted through this tool, both in person, through visits to the fourth floor of the headquarters of the Ministry of Finance, Economy and Planning (Block II), more specifically in the General Directorate of Legal Affairs, as digitally, in the space enabled on the Web of the Ministry of Finance, Economy and Planning. This collection of documents that the MHEP makes available to the public comes to join the efforts made by the Government within the initiatives to facilitate the business climate in Equatorial Guinea. Together with La Ventanilla Única Empresarial (VUE), which is presented as the main tool to facilitate the opening of businesses in the country, this valuable collection of documents will allow both foreign investors and national economic agents to operate under a framework of transparency in the management of its procedures with the Administration. At the Doing Business seminar organized by the Ministry of Finance, Economy and Planning on January 23 of this year, in addition to evaluating the bases already established by the government to advance with policies to facilitate In the business climate, a series of steps were established to improve Equatorial Guinea’s position in the Doing Business Index. Equatorial Guinea has doubled efforts to reach the international community and increase its attractiveness to investors in recent years. The country joined the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) in 2017 and is now spearheading the LNG 2 Africa initiative, which seeks to create new markets for Africa’s natural gas. Available documents include regulations from various areas: WEBINAR: Tourism in Equatorial Guinea, the Challenges and Opportunities One of the sectors to which the government gives priority within the agenda of the diversification of the national economy is Tourism. Tourism can be an important source of income and a strategic sector in the plan to diversify the country’s economy, now focused exclusively on the oil and mining sector. But the appearance of the covid-19 pandemic at the beginning of this year 2020 is tweaking all plans and straining the mechanisms of economic survival of all countries, to analyze the challenges and opportunities of tourism in times of the Covid coronavirus19, as well as planning the future post-covid, authorities and the main representatives of the tourism sector in Equatorial Guinea have organized a virtual seminar on June 30 – July 1, »Tourism in Equatorial Guinea, the Challenges and Opportunities» .3.75496068.7821344