Ten key courses companies are looking for in your resume … and for free!

The job search is usually a time of great wear and tear for those involved. In these years, LinkedIn helped many people get contacts and interviews. In full isolation, a very interesting chance emerged from the hand of the social network. It is that, after an agreement with Microsoft and GitHub, they selected the 10 jobs with the highest demand in these years and the skills most required by these companies, and released free courses for these activities. Shall we review them? Graphic designer The course has more than 350 thousand enrolled, and has more than 40 hours of content, with 13 informative units and the final delivery of the certificate. “Master the basics of building innovative design projects, and discover the skills you need to become a great communicator and visual thinker. Learn how to manage design teams and take your first steps ”, states the summary. It can be taken at linkedin.com/learning/paths/conviertete-en-disenador-grafico. Software developer It is the most required during this isolation, with more than 15 million subscribers. The course ensures that it allows you to achieve the necessary skills to work with back-end and front-end technologies as a full-stack developer; and develop solid foundations to work with the most used frameworks ”. It has a large amount of material (31 hours) in 15 units, and those interested can sign up at linkedin.com/learning/paths/conviertete-en-desarrollador-web-full-stack. Network Administrator “Learn the skills necessary to design a new network. Develop and expand your knowledge about cybersecurity so that your network is always secure and also masters the different tools you will need to carry out proper management of your company’s networks on a day-to-day basis, ”reads the course premise. With more than 15 hours of content and 8 modules, it can be taken from linkedin.com/learning/paths/conviertete-en-administrador-de-redes. Data analyst Having a capacity in the field of data analysis is another of the skills highly regarded by companies on Linkedin. Therefore, this proposal will allow us to learn the disciplines necessary to extract, clean, analyze and visualize data, applying them to a real and useful context. It has more than 29 hours of content, and is divided into 12 chapters, after which they provide the certificate. Those who want can sign up at linkedin.com/learning/paths/conviertete-en-data-analyst. Digital Marketing Expert This is another one of the most useful courses, so you already have more than 850 thousand written down. The three premises of this proposal are “to learn the fundamentals of online and content marketing; develop effective and integrated online marketing plans; and delve into the use of Google Analytics ”, key questions when it comes to a job interview. It has 23 hours of content and can be taken at linkedin.com/learning/paths/conviertete-en-experto-en-marketing-digital. Vendor It is another of the most required, with more than 8 million registered, and the hourly charge is low in relation to the rest: just over seven hours. “Successful marketers know how to convey trust, be attentive to their customers, influence their decisions, and learn from their mistakes. Develop these skills and understand the steps a successful sales professional must take, ”suggests the description provided by LinkedIn. For those interested, they can sign up at linkedin.com/learning/paths/conviertete-en-vendedor. Project manager “Learn to manage projects effectively, keeping them on time, within budget and scope; dominates all the aspects and factors that determine the success of a project; and demonstrates leadership skills and develops effective strategies. ” That is the proposal of this highly requested course. It can be taken at linkedin.com/learning/paths/conviertete-en-gestor-de-proyectos. IT Support Specialist Another very useful course, where participants will discover the specialized terminology and methodology for IT support, and also learn to work with Windows 10 from a support perspective. For its part, it will provide people with the best techniques to provide quality support to users. It has 13 hours of content divided into 11 blocks, and all those interested can join the course through linkedin.com/learning/paths/conviertete-en-especialista-en-soporte-it. Customer Service Specialist “Gain and cultivate the skills you need to deliver excellent customer service, whether by email, phone, chat, social media, or in person. Learn to listen effectively and communicate professionally to become a customer service specialist, ”they explain from LinkedIn. The course, of almost 9 hours, is taken at linkedin.com/learning/paths/conviertete-en-especialista-de-servicio-al-cliente. Financial Analyst Once the user completes this course, they will be able to read and interpret the financial statements; make business recommendations on investments, and analyze and represent financial data. The course, which consists of 28 hours of content in 12 blocks, can be carried out at linkedin.com/learning/paths/conviertete-en-analista-financiero.