Olivia Molina selects her seven songs of the week

Olivia Molina is one of the protagonists of La Valla, a series that has been broadcast on AtresPlayer Premium with great reception on the platform, and whose character, Julia, is in a complicated and dystopian situation (and in 2045), which many have reached to consider a prediction of the times to come. The futuristic and totalitarian thriller, which has names such as Unax Ugalde and Ángela Molina in its cast, will air open on Antena 3 soon. At the end of August, she will also resume the tour of the function Perfect Unknown, directed by Daniel Guzmán. This time, Olivia will not reveal secrets, like her character in the play, but suggests seven great themes for the next seven days. OLIVIA MOLINA’S RECOMMENDATIONS Smooth Operator, by Sade. Belonging to the third generation of one of the most cutting-edge artistic family sagas in our country, Olivia was born in Ibiza, where La Vida Islado has just filmed. Granddaughter of Antonio Molina, niece of Mónica and Miguel Molina, first-born of Ángela Molina and the French photographer Hervé Tirmache … There it is nothing. Give me one reason, by Tracy Chapman. Tanned at the acting school of Juan Carlos Corazza, she debuted on the big screen in the movie Jara, alongside Sergio Peris-Mencheta. I keep dreaming you, Depedro. On the tables we have been able to see it, for example, in Las Amazonas, Suddenly, last summer, Tristana, La Casa de Bernarda Alba, El Adefesio, Everything is a lie, or even in a version of El Graduado in which “. Born Slippy, from Underworld. On the small screen, he has been the protagonist of the series Bajo Sospecha, Luna, the mystery of Calenda, Física O Química (in the skin of Verónica Lebrón, the literature teacher; it was also in the classrooms of the Zurbarán School that she met the father of Vera and Eric, Sergio Mur), Loving is forever, To cakes with life, The Ulysses syndrome, or in the mini-series A Burka for Love. Like water, by Camarón de la Isla. In the cinema, the we have enjoyed in School Killer, in the Argentine movie Yo Soy Sola, in the adaptation for the big screen of Memoria de mis putas tristes or in Dieta Mediterránea, by Joaquín Oristrell, where he cooked and loved with Alfonso Bassave and Paco León. Homelands by Nitin Sawhney. She has also had forays into the world of music, and was the star of the El Canto del Loco Insportable video clip. “Even if you say you’re not late …” Another brick in the wall, by Pink Floyd. Many will remember her as the unforgettable Nadine in that great quarry that was after leaving class. With colleagues from the legendary series who were also former students of Siete Robles such as Cristina Castaño, Manu Fullola, Octavi Pujades, Álex Cueva, Marta Solaz or Fran Perea, she participated in the Fashion Feeling Music theater production. MY RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE WEEK Farewell, by Julieta Venegas. In the album Otra Cosa by Julieta Venegas, the Mexican marks one of the best sung goodbyes. “It is as good to say goodbye as it is to meet us, it is as good to accept defeat as it was to fight” Only you, from Portishead. For setting, nothing and nobody better than Portishead. Great song to which we succumb again and again. Butts on the floor, Deluxe. Xoel López also conquered us in his stage as Deluxe with great songs like this one. For those post-party depressions. “I believed you but you gave me ashtrays of hope.” Photo pa´ti, by Mariel Mariel. “To find love, you have to go out looking. To change, you have to know how to change” Seven days in sunny June, by Jamiroquai. Although this year the summer appears quite … “strange”, in themes of summer theme there will always be a Jamiroquai space with these “seven sunny days of June”. Despite the fact that he appears very warm with a sweatshirt of the Peruvian team. How much life, of Pastora. How much life goes How much life does it come? Wake up with you, by Rebeca Jiménez (with Pereza and Carlos Tarque). The torn and blue voice of Rebeca Jiménez joined those of Carlos Tarque (M-CLAN) and Pereza to revisit one of their first hits.