Mexico City Government and Facebook present chatbot on WhatsApp to report on COVID-19 and procedures

July 1, 2020 | 3:28 pm The Government of Mexico City and Facebook announced that ‘Victoria’, the automated conversational system (chatbot), will be available on WhatsApp and that it will initially help citizens to stay informed and safe during the pandemic. This project is Headed by the Digital Agency for Public Innovation (ADIP), YaloChat and Facebook and was launched in March last year for its version on social networks. Victoria is a digital assistant and has the function of attending to the concerns that the citizen presents regarding different issues of Mexico City.The version for WhatsApp will initially include official and reliable information about COVID-19 and its spread, including data on the hospital capacity in the city and a rapid advice that will be available 24 hours a day to determine if a case requires medical attention. In addition, it will have information on Procedures and Services, which are already available on the site of CDMX procedures, such as: Renewable Permit for residents Renewal of circulation card Registration of vehicles Renewal of type A license The chatbot can be accessed through a page or by adding the contact with the number +52 56 1402 8408.The Victoria chatbot joins the tools that the Government of Mexico City has presented to deal with the pandemic. Some of these tools are the official information and diagnosis service on COVID-19 by sending the word “covid19” to 51515 via SMS, by direct message to the account of the Government of Mexico City on Facebook, entering the page test.covid19 or by phone by dialing LOCATEL at 5658-1111. As well as the information system on hospital availability in the CDMX APP or the hospital web portal. This new function is part of the government digitization of the ADIP, according to the director of the Agency, José Merino. Good morning, I take 10 minutes. In the 2020 plan of the Digital Agency for Public Innovation, we expected to advance in the government digitization in an 18-month program. The covid19 that imposes a new form of social coexistence and therefore with the authorities. (1) – José Merino (@PPmerino) July 1, 2020Merino published on his Twitter account that they expected to advance in government digitization in an 18-month program, but due to the pandemic they modified it in just three months. In this sense, they also announced the update of the CDMX KEY which, as of yesterday, has one more level of authentication and can be obtained in the Verified Account modality to carry out online procedures that require identity authentication and form a digital file. For all procedures and services, with this, according to ADIP, the objective is to reduce unnecessary procedures and transfers, minimizing exchanges between public servants and citizens, which in turn closes possibilities of committing acts of corruption and promotes healthy distance. .