Local entrepreneurs and international investors will contact the ‘Ciudad Real Business Market’

Maroto explained at a press conference that this is an innovative and necessary initiative that will mean “before and after” for the business fabric of the city, which is why he has invited these local businessmen to register for free at the web page created for this purpose. They will be able to attend a space where they will be offered the opportunity to participate in a business round, they will have another Networking space and they will be given the opportunity to present their entrepreneurial and business project to investors. The mayor of Economic Promotion has highlighted this initiative as a way “to relaunch the city and have another point of reference” so that Ciudad Real “is in the spotlight” and they can be praised, he said, “what goodness we have and what we want for the city. ” A meeting from which the location is still being chosen, since it will depend on the demand for registrations to be able to adapt them to the new normality, he added. The objectives for this meeting, Maroto has pointed out, are to be an impulse to attract investment to the city, a dynamization of the productive and entrepreneurial business fabric of Ciudad Real, a source of job creation and professional development among startup entrepreneurs. Hand in hand with national and international investors. An initiative that will also suppose, according to the councilor, a fixation of the talent of the university students and the anchorage of the population to the territory through a proposal of added value capable of generating opportunities for development of the economic fabric of Ciudad Real. On his side, the consultant and promoter of the ‘Business Market’ network, Josu Gómez Barrutia, explained that this network was born four years ago to bring investment momentum and business development in medium-sized cities, so Ciudad Real, for its Geostrategic situation, due to its business ecosystem, the university and a very important logistics area, presents the ideal characteristics to be part of it “successfully”. He wanted to specify that the forum on the 16th is only the beginning of the work of this network and that the investor does not come to stay with the company, but rather to collaborate with an input and an output. In addition, he has specified that he already has more than fifteen confirmed firms to attend this event in Ciudad Real and that they present different profiles, from those that correspond to the seed phase of the business to those that focus on growth. These investors, said Gómez Barrutia, have a total investment capacity of around 100 million euros. “We believe that Ciudad Real has potential and is making a great investment,” he concluded.