It’s not such a good idea to say: what happens if you immerse an iPhone in boiling Coca-Cola? [VIDEO]

Updated on 07/04/2020 at 13:42 It is trending. Virals on social networks continue to surprise thousands of users on Facebook or YouTube, where it is almost customary to find images of all kinds regardless of the day of the week. Today, for example, the video that is causing a stir on the Internet is that of an iPhone and how it is that this phone ends after being immersed in boiling Coca-Cola. MORE: And the new users? This is why Apple would not include charger on iPhone 12 as you read it. And it is that one of the many Apple customers had no other brilliant idea than to experiment with their iPhone 6 and thus test their resistance to the public on their social networks. As expected, the images generated all kinds of comments on Facebook, where the video quickly went viral after the long-awaited final result. As can be seen in the images, the man in question begins the recording presenting the process of his experiment. Seconds later, he shows that his cell phone is in perfect condition before dipping it in a frying pan with Coca-Cola. Of course, first he had boiled the carbonated drink to the point that it remains as “a syrup, super thick”. What happens if you immerse an iPhone in boiling Coca-Cola? (Video: The Male Guide) Continuing with this curious home experiment, the protagonist of the video went to immerse his iPhone 6 in the pan, where little by little the liquid was absorbing the mobile phone until it disappeared. Thus, after a very good time, it can be seen that the cell phone was covered in Coca-Cola in its most sticky and caramelised state possible. At this point, I include, it was striking that the cell phone released a yellow smoke, even though the kitchen had already been turned off. This reaction caused fear in the man conducting the experiment, who would later display his iPhone 6 covered in Coca-Cola. On Facebook, users questioned how a good phone, a frying pan and a Coca-Cola was wasted.With almost more than 1,800 reproductions and 500 comments on the page of The Men’s Guide, the video ended with the young man trying to take off the remains of Coca-Cola on your iPhone 6. Once this was done, he showed the phone 100% bare, with the screen broken, claiming that he could confirm that his iPhone 6 was no longer working. Crazy. And you, would you do the same with your cell phone? IT MAY INTEREST YOU RECOMMENDED VIDEO Apple launches a cheaper iPhone: know its characteristics and specificationsApple launches a cheaper iPhone: know its characteristics and specifications