How to monetize content on Facebook?

Now more than ever, creators, video editors, and the media are using Facebook to build meaningful communities and businesses. From ads, to brand partnerships, and people’s support, creators can make money from a growing variety of products. that are better suited to the content they share and the communities they’ve created. Expanding access to fan support products: Facebook has seen a lot of interest from people who want to support their favorite creators, so we’re making them Fan subscriptions and Stars are available to more creators: Fan subscriptions: People can support their favorite creators through a recurring monthly payment. Any page within these markets that meets our eligibility criteria can register here. In Latin America it is available in Mexico. Stars: Fans can buy and send Stars to creators in video comments. The Stars are a great way to monetize live streams and be rewarded for building a loyal fan base. Creators can now set a Stars target to appear as a permanent overlay on videos. We’ve also made it easy to manage Stars with automated thank you cards and other tools in Creator Studio. Creators in these markets can express their interest and start here. In Latin America it is available in Mexico, Colombia and Peru. Monetize more video content: In-stream ads continue to evolve on Facebook, allowing more types of videos to monetize with advertising.Advertising on short videos: Creators can now monetize 60- to 180-second videos with image and post ads -roll. As we continue to invest in long-running content, short content can also create loyalty and intention, so we’re testing these two uninterrupted ad formats on engaging short videos. Live Video Ads: They’ve developed video ad formats in Live, including a new type of mid-roll ad that plays in the main video during streaming while streaming in a smaller window. Previously selected videos were live, now eligible for monetization. New Advertising Experiences: They are working to increase total payments for video creators on Watch. For example, when people start watching videos in the News Section, we are testing the option to continue watching them on Watch after seeing a short ad. New ways to earn money: To help creators bring their events, experiences and In-person Internet services and extend your reach beyond your physical location, we are making it possible to create, promote, host and monetize live events on Facebook. We’ve started inviting Pages to our paid online events product.New tools to help creators manage their Facebook presence At Creator Studio, our video vision is being expanded to include Live and Stars performance, and we’ve added a new Video Details Explorer panel, which includes a view of the traffic sources for each video. Time metrics have also been added for the first 48 hours after the publication of a video. And in the Creator Studio app, we recently added the ability to post and schedule Facebook posts right from the app. To help creators better understand the value of engaging in conversations and assess the effectiveness of their comments, Comment Insights was introduced, It shows how commenting on posts can lead to more engagement and impressions compared to similar posts where a creator did not join the conversation. When available, these comments will appear as a weekly notification. Instagram Integration Many creators rely on multiple platforms to monetize their content. That’s why we’re investing in a suite of Instagram-specific tools, including being able to log into Creator Studio using Instagram credentials and expanded access to Brand Collabs Manager to help creators easily manage their presence on our applications.