G Suite FREE Promotional code: what is it and what is it for?

In the last two decades, advances in technology development have allowed small and large companies to access various tools that promote the quality of management and control methods. In the virtual world we can find all kinds of applications and software dedicated to offering this type of services for companies. Among the most prominent is G Suite. What is GSuite and what is it for? What is this popular service that has been talked about so much lately? G Suite is a suite of office tools and applications that are specially integrated to improve productivity and business efficiency. It is an outstanding application that has been developed by the technological giant Google and that allows companies to enjoy services such as: Google AI technology, Gmail, Documents, Drive, Calendar, Meet and many other software. G Suite offers companies the opportunity to work in a comprehensive and synchronized way, through the cloud, with the suite of applications and office tools that it has launched on the market through various plans: Basic, Business and Enterprise. Each of them has various services and different capacities, and with prices that can be around 4 to 20 euros. For example, one of the variations between one plan and another may be cloud storage capacity. FREE G Suite at Desamark On the Internet we can find various virtual platforms that help companies to contract and manage G Suite services in each of its modalities. Digital marketing agencies, such as Desamark, have special offers regarding the different plans that the business application package has available in the market. In this sense, Desamark offers companies the ability to test all G Suite functionalities for a limited period of time, completely free of charge. It is an excellent opportunity to learn first-hand about each of the advantages and benefits that G Suite has to offer to business information and control systems. Businesses looking for ways to qualitatively improve their efficiency and work performance can obtain G Suite through https://www.desamark.com/g-suite-gratis/. G Suite Basic and Business promo code at Desamark As mentioned above, the business services package offered by the multinational Google, through its incredible G Suite application, can be found in three main plans. Companies that have tried the free and limited version of G Suite can have access to an outstanding offer that Desamark makes available to them. These are the well-known promotional codes for the two main types of G Suite plans. The renowned marketing agency Desamark has launched a 20% discount offer on the Basic and Business plans. An important discount that will remain valid for a whole year that can be obtained through https://www.desamark.com/codigo-promocional-g-suite-gratis/ The promotion serves as an incentive for companies to take the necessary leap and work hand in hand with Google’s synchronized work and management systems. You can see the detailed steps of how to obtain and apply a G Suite promotional code in this video: https://www.desamark.com/video-codigo-promocional-g-suite/ They have commented on the news in some media: https: //www.elconfidencialdigital.com/articulo/tendencia/codigo-promocional-g-suite/20191031123009133438.html https://www.comunicae.es/nota/g-suite-gratis-y-codigos-promocionales-en_1-1210941 / https://cronicaglobal.elespanol.com/business/codigo-promocional-suite-gratis-beneficios-heráculo_283170_102.html https://www.lavanguardia.com/vida/20200102/472669634303/comunicado-g-suite-gratis- and-promotional-codes-in-desamark-and-the-benefits-of-the-tool-for-companies.html What are the fundamental differences between G Suite Basic and Business? Each of the plans that G Suite makes available to users are highly useful and valuable for business. However, the types of plans are directly related to the particular needs of each type of company. G Suite Basic is a suitable plan for freelancers, or those who own a small business, with a small number of employees. For € 4.68 / user / month, the main variation, compared to the rest of the plans, will be the storage capacity of 30GB. On the other hand, the G Suite Business plan is designed for businesses that have a larger team, between medium and large. Its main features include its unlimited storage capacity, as well as additional security and administration controls. Companies with greater capital will have the ability to contract G Suite services for a price of € 9.36 / user / month. It should be noted that thanks to the promotional codes, companies can access all the benefits that G Suite has but with a 20% discount. There is no doubt that it is an offer that companies cannot pass up for the growth of their productivity. If you want to stay informed of the latest Desamark promotions you can check on the web or on its YouTube channel https://www.desamark.com/canal-youtube. What are you waiting to try G Suite?