Fear releases “Viajante” with a new sound mix

Tremor today released a new mix of “Viajante” on platforms The electronic music band Tremor today released a new edition of “Viajante”, the group’s flagship album that met in 2008 and opened its doors to the world. It comes out through the international Waxploitation label, took the tracks from the original recording and made a new mix of the musician and producer Andrés Oddone, who give the material different landscapes, densities and sonorities, glimpsed in the original and now gaining another relevance. Made up of Leonardo Martinelli (guitars, charango, programming), Camilo Carbajal (bass drum, snare, snare, percussion) and Gerardo Farez (keyboards, analog synthesizers, melodic) “Viajante” was Tremor’s second album, after his debut ” Landing “in 2004. These were followed by” Para arma “, a 2010 remix album; “Proa”, released in 2013 and the EP “Ave Reina Mora” in 2017, materials where in different ways it expresses the tension between the folkloric base and the sound exploration, the game between the materiality of the elements and the digital sequences. Most current sound point without distorting the original. ”Andrés OddoneThe new material can be heard on different digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple, Deezer, Amazon Music, Tidal, Google Play, Youtube Music and Pandora” As we received the new mixes , we feel that in addition to bringing the album to 2020, the music gained in intensity, but also in emotion. There are many acoustic instruments that in the previous version did not have such a preponderant role as they do now, “said Leonardo Martinelli to Télam For its part, Oddone, based in Mexico, who led Zort and worked in mixes and productions of bands such as Chancha Vía Circuito, Hilda Lizarazu and Los Auténticos Decadentes, stated that “all remixes are comp Licensed because it implies retouching an album trying to improve it but without disfiguring its original idea. “Tomorrow the new version of Viajante comes out and brings a luxury Bonus track: a Worm remix made by our friend el_buho_music 🔥With this as an excuse, tomorrow At 6pm BA / 11pm FR, we will have the pleasure of https://t.co/s6DcsAJ3Gr TREMOR (@TREMORtheband) July 30, 2020 “We wanted to search with Tremor – added Oddone- for a more current sound point, without distorting the original sound. That was all. Beyond my work in the studio and the approach we made for this adventure, there is a notable change in technology between 2008 and today. “” The digital media with which Leonardo produced Viajante today are others. Everything has evolved, the audio, the tools, which gave us infinite possibilities to incorporate into this mix that did not exist before. The goal was to update the sound and I think we did it, “he concluded. The new release of” Viajante “includes a remix of the song” Lombriz “by El Búho and a new cover by Alejandro Salvo, who designed the cover. original in 2008.