Facebook has finally obtained the rights to show YouTube music videos on its platform

Until now, the social network Facebook allowed its users to upload a video with an audio of some original songs protected by copyright thanks to various agreements. However, if your intention was to upload the official video of one of your favorite singers, the platform prevented it. This will no longer be a problem, since Facebook has announced that the agreements by which it will be able to show these YouTube music videos have already been reached, in an attempt to get more audience and more income. Read more: Who are the 20 people of the committee of wise men who will decide from now on what content will be removed from Facebook. It would be an addition that would benefit billions of people. At the moment, Facebook has initiated contacts with some artists and music companies, in an attempt to acquire temporary exclusive rights to some music videos. It has even put on the table its intention to pay the costs of producing the video and to take care of the dissemination and promotion on its platform to ensure that it reaches more users and is more successful. Read more: Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google are already valued together at close to 5 billion euros, and all exceed Wall Street expectations in their latest results. Being able to share these official videos on Facebook is important, since this genre is very popular on YouTube and would generate a good source of income for the social network. A safe bet. But this is not something new, since Zuckerberg’s company has been studying this path for some time and now, with the coronavirus pandemic, the visualization of music videos on YouTube has increased considerably. Last Thursday, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg explained that the company wants its users to be able to create a community of fans thanks to video features. “It is something that is much more difficult to do on YouTube or Twitch or other products like that,” he said. Read more: Facebook wants to know what GIFs you share with your friends and find out which are the most popular: this will affect the purchase of Giphy by the social network. Clear is the success of TikTok, owned by ByteDance, which is generating millions in revenue thanks to the existing advertising on these types of video. At the moment, there are several agreements and partnerships with different companies in the music sector on the table, such as Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group, although there is still no official confirmation.