Facebook claims to have the finest virtual reality glasses to date: they look like sunglasses

If virtual and augmented reality glasses are currently characterized by something, it is because they are spectacular. Now Facebook claims to be working on a new holographic optics design that allows the bulky glasses to be reduced in size to little more than ordinary sunglasses. Although Facebook is known mainly for its social network and others under its command such as WhatsApp or Instagram, the company is also dedicated to other sectors such as artificial intelligence or virtual / augmented reality through Oculus. In the latter is where they have developed the new prototype of virtual reality glasses. Less weight, more colors In new research published by the company’s engineers, they explain how they have managed to reduce their size so much by using a new optical technique. In it they combine different layers of holographic film with an optical folding based on polarization. As a result the glasses reduce their thickness to just about 9 millimeters. If we do not look at the research, Facebook is looking to reduce the current size of the lens used in virtual reality glasses. The LCD is already thin on its own, but the problem lies in the lens, which is thick and weighs heavily. They propose to change it for a holographic lens composed of several layers that allows light to be reflected in a smaller space before sending it to the eye. Its creators say that the glasses they have developed also achieve much more powerful and varied colors when using lasers. However, it also involves more cost and difficulty to integrate than traditional LED panels. At the moment it is a prototype, as such it does not get the same experience as normal virtual reality glasses. For example, they explain that in the prototype they have not yet managed to reflect the colors of the image, only in a larger model and at scale. The next step is to miniaturize this to get the same results in the size of ordinary glasses. Despite the fact that it is only a research prototype, they assure that to date they are the thinnest virtual reality glasses ever created. We will see how this development continues and if in the future we will have a final product that resembles virtual reality glasses to those of traditional sunglasses. Not only for the aesthetics, but also for the comfort that it supposes with respect to the bulky and heavy glasses of virtual reality today. More information | Facebook Share Facebook claims to have the finest virtual reality glasses to date: they look like sunglasses Virtual / Augmented Reality Themes