Facebook censors campaign against abortion

Referential image. Photo taken from: PixabayXalapa, Ver. 02 Jul 20. 14:30 Hrs.- (CATOLIN) .- Facebook uses a website sponsored by the “Open Society Foundation” of George Soros as an information verifier to censor the campaign “The UN wants to IMPOSE ABORTION… with the excuse of the coronavirus ”made by CitizenGO, a campaign that has more than half a million signatures. When sharing the CitizenGO campaign, Facebook inserted the message “False information. Proven by independent information verifiers ”, referring to an article on the Colombian website“ La Silla Vacía ”, which emerged thanks to the capital of George Soros, a well-known promoter of abortion worldwide. Among the arguments that the Colombian website uses to describe the CitizenGO campaign as “false” it is read that “in the first place, sexual and reproductive health does not mean abortion”. However, later lines admits that “sexual and reproductive health services, which as we count in this detector, include contraceptive methods; assisted reproduction procedures; control and monitoring of pregnancy; the practice of abortions (whether safe, spontaneous or due to late fetal loss); and postpartum and post-abortion care ”. For the website funded by Soros and used by Facebook as an information verifier, she assures that “at no time is the UN imposing abortion; in fact, it doesn’t have the competition for it. What is sought is for countries to advance in guaranteeing these rights. ” As for recounting his creation, La Silla Vacía recalls that “it was born with a donation from the Open Society Foundation” in 2009. Later, the website notes that by 2019 9.5% of its income came from the Soros foundation. On the other hand, the Colombian website estimates that 25.7% of its resources “came from Facebook in the framework of an alliance to bring our lie detector to this social network as part of its external data verification program.” Likewise, the CitizenGO Campaign Director pointed out that although “social networks are a space for freedom, their ideological bias and censorship represent a setback in freedom of expression.” He explained that “the reality is that the 53rd session of the United Nations Commission on Population and Development presented a draft resolution in which the states committed to guaranteeing sexual and reproductive rights in 2030. And that means prenatal care, contraception and abortion ”, he concluded. The Open Society Foundation, created by Soros in 1993, funds various abortion campaigns around the world. In 2016, it was learned that the Soros foundation moved $ 1.5 million to silence the scandal of the abortion multinational Planned Parenthood, after being accused of selling organs and tissues of aborted babies at its facilities. To join the campaign “The UN wants to IMPOSE ABORTION … with the excuse of the coronavirus”, you can enter here.