Facebook appeals global block ruling to accounts of loved ones of Bolsonaro

Facebook announced on Friday that it appealed to the Brazilian Supreme Court the decision of a magistrate of the court itself that determined the global blockade of various accounts of politicians, businessmen and personalities alleged to the country’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, investigated for alleged dissemination of false news . Judge Alexandre de Moraes, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), issued an earlier determination Thursday night to block the accounts of various politicians, businessmen and personalities close to Bolsonaro and ordered the suspension of the accounts not only in Brazil, but also abroad. Following the decision, Facebook explained in a note that it has filed an appeal against the ruling in the highest court on the grounds that “Brazilian law recognizes limits to its jurisdiction and the legitimacy of other jurisdictions.” “We respect the laws of the countries in which we operate. We are resorting to the STF against the decision to block global accounts,” said the technology giant. The day before, Twitter also announced that it would try to reverse Moraes’ determination, which he described as “disproportionate from the standpoint of the freedom of expression regime in force in Brazil.” The company, which heeded the supreme order and blocked the accounts of those investigated, also considered that it is not its role “to defend the legality of the uploaded content or the conduct of the people impacted by said order.” Last week, Moraes ordered Twitter and Facebook to remove from the air the profiles of various close friends of Bolsonaro, leader of the Brazilian extreme right, allegedly spread false news and carried out attacks on networks against members of the Supreme Court. However, some of the investigators changed the location settings for other countries and continued to publish messages, so the magistrate ruled yesterday the extension of his previous decision and ordered the blocking of accounts globally. The temporary closure of the profiles was determined by Moraes to “interrupt criminal hate speech” in the framework of an investigation that the Supreme Court corrects to find out the spread of false news, as well as offenses and threats against the country’s authorities. This is not the first time that the highest Court orders actions against this group of followers of the Brazilian president, since in May some Bolsonaristas were the subject of ordered raids in the framework of the investigation opened in 2019. The Supreme Court’s actions have also been directed towards those who have financed undemocratic demonstrations asking to end Congress and the Supreme, to which Bolsonaro himself came to attend on several occasions. Bolsonaro, is a Nostalgic of the Military Dictatorship (1964 – 1985) and Our Government has a strong military accent, maintains a pulse with the legislative and judicial powers, which have suspended or nuanced some of its most political measures, such as the release of weapons to the civilian population.