Dark mode reaches the mobile version of Facebook

This is what Facebook’s dark mode looks like on the mobile version (screenshot from @NotFridayCraig) Some users can already use Facebook’s dark mode on their mobile devices. This tool began to be available in some cases, as found by the site The Verge. Dark mode is already available, a month ago, for the desktop version. It is now known that tests were started on the mobile version for some selected profiles. It could soon reach the rest of the users, although there are no confirmations about it.It should be remembered that there are many other apps that already have dark mode, such as Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger, all of which belong to Facebook. Twitter also offers this alternative, both for iOS and Android operating systems. One of the benefits of dark mode is that it allows you to save on battery consumption. It should be noted that this saving is significant only in the case of OLED screens, because displays of this type are capable of illuminating each pixel independently, but this does not happen with LCDs. In those cases, even if half of the screen is shown in black, those pixels are also illuminated and therefore does not save as much battery. Dark mode is already available in various applications, such as Instagram. Is it beneficial to the eye? Numerous studies have referred to the contrast between objects and the background and how having a light background and a dark object or focus improves readability. However, this does not seem to always work the same for all users.In the case of people with certain degenerative diseases, such as cataracts or macular degeneration, which has a decrease in contrast sensitivity, the dark mode can make reading difficult. On the other hand, in the case of users with good eye health, the dark mode, which implies a decrease in the brightness of the display, can be beneficial to avoid eyestrain. Is the dark mode better to achieve a good rest? Here are conflicting visions. Traditionally it is believed to be, but there is a recent study that questions this conclusion. The dark mode reduces the exposure to blue light from the mobile. That is why this aspect is usually seen as positive to improve rest at night. A study by researchers at the New York Center for Light Research maintains that artificial light suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that produces the pineal gland and controls the sleep cycle. In this sense, limiting exposure to artificial light, especially the blue light emitted by screens before going to sleep, is beneficial, however, a study by researchers at the University of Manchester concludes that blue light does not appear to be Being as detrimental to our sleep patterns as previously believed. According to these specialists, the use of dim lights and cool shades at night, as well as resorting to warmer lights in the day can be more beneficial to our health. Experts reflect that the sunset is darker and blue than daylight. Beyond this, it should be noted that there are investigations that ensure that the use of electronic devices affects sleep regardless of whether they are used in the dark mode or not, because It’s an equal light boost MORE ABOUT THIS THEME: How to turn on dark mode on Instagram iPhone 12 won’t include charger in box Research revealed that Instagram prioritizes photos of scantily clad users