CRM integrated to Facebook with the help of Amvix – Visual Stop

CRM integrated to Facebook with the help of Amvix Customer Relationship Management or CRM, is considered one of the tools to attract and retain customers, and if it is integrated with Facebook it is possible to optimize results. Amvix, a company specialized in CRM services, provides advice on the implementation of this tool by integrating it with Facebook, which facilitates the monitoring of potential clients. This is accomplished through Facebook lead campaigns and can increase your conversion rate. In the words of Douglas Ortega, founding partner of Amvix: “The Amvix CRM system is a solution to automate procedures and have a record of the actions carried out in each of the departments of a company, being a basis for Dynamic data focused on creating a proximity with the customer to build loyalty (…) In general, the longer you wait to follow up with a new potential customer, the less chance there is that he will convert or become a customer later on. The CRM integrated into Facebook makes it easy for these potential customers that the company registers in the system to quickly become real customers, accounts or opportunities, always using all the information previously collected. The idea is to spark interest. ” Using a CRM solution integrated with Facebook has multiple advantages, such as not having to download your potential Facebook clients weekly and save them in spreadsheets or upload them to other tools you use. Also, you can act immediately when you receive the information of new potential clients. Another advantage is that you can use CRM to send emails in bulk, segment them by age, gender and geographic position, and keep statistics on those emails. In this way you can keep track of which of the potential customers opened the email and who was redirected to your company’s page through the shared link. Finally, the CRM integrated into Facebook is a time saver, since once it is integrated, it can be used to carry out more campaigns. Once the customer is hooked, the next thing is to establish a more personalized relationship with him. A closer relationship means greater satisfaction, which usually translates into future consumption.