Ciudad Real Business Market will join investment and entrepreneurship on September 16

The president of the Municipal Institute for Economic Promotion, Training and Employment (IMPEFE) of the City of Ciudad Real has presented the Business, Investment and Entrepreneurship Forum, which will take place on September 16, and which will be called Ciudad Real Business Market , will have as its fundamental objective the commitment to the generation of a business network, financing and support for economic and business development in Ciudad Real. Entrepreneurs interested in participating in this initiative for free can register on the web Maroto highlighted that the Business Market Network and this forum has the participation of professionals and experts in the fields of marketing, innovation or executive, entrepreneurial or financial leadership, being this initiative “a proposal of high added value so that the participants can get in touch with the effect of their competitive and professional development with national and international leaders in these fields of knowledge”. In this sense, the mayor of Economic Promotion has highlighted that the entry of Ciudad Real in the Business Market Network has as specific objectives “the promotion of investment attraction to the city, the dynamism and support to the business, productive and entrepreneurial fabric of Ciudad Real and the commitment to job creation and professional development among entrepreneurs and startups in the city by investors and professionals from national and international levels ”. He also wanted to highlight that “the importance of fixing talent in the territory and attracting it to Ciudad Real, as well as anchoring the population through these types of proposals will be capable of generating development opportunities in the economic fabric of the city”. In the presentation event, the promoter and founder of this initiative, Josu Gómez Barrutia, businessman, entrepreneur, trainer and consultant with a degree in Law, Postgraduate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Leadership from the Deusto Business School and ICADE University of Quotation marks. As explained “this network that was born four years ago is able to provide investment and business development to medium-sized cities that, due to their geostrategic situation, their business ecosystem and logistical positioning, as happens with Ciudad Real, have characteristics ideal to be part of it successfully ”. “The participation of Ciudad Real in the Business Market Network will also entail the access of the city to events and contact networks of national and international scope, and to the promotion and positioning of the municipality’s business brand.” Finally, Gómez Barrutia wanted to anticipate that he already has more than fifteen confirmed firms with varied profiles to attend the Red Business Market “from firms that correspond to the seed phase of the business to firms that are focused on the growth phase.” These investors, the entrepreneur has determined, have a total investment capacity of approximately 100 million euros. Tags: Pedro Maroto