British musicians unite to ask government to save industry

One of the measures taken around the world to prevent large-scale spread of coronavirus was to postpone massive events. That is why a lot of concerts and festivals had to be postponed or even canceled, affecting the entire music industry, because beyond the bands or artists, thousands of people depend on these performances to survive, and the musicians are getting batteries so that a catastrophe does not occur. Since this move began in at least the UK, both artists and owners of independent concert venues have asked authorities to help them not go bankrupt. All of them joined the Music Venue Trust organization – which is in charge of saving some locals in that country – signing a letter asking the government to support them with £ 50 million to rescue 560 locals. Photo: Getty According to NME, this measure was to protect the forums, ensuring that they were at least stable until October 2020 and preventing their permanent closure. Unfortunately, their requests were not enough and thousands of jobs around this industry have been reported, from artists to promoters and owners of live music venues having had to seek other income as they ‘return to normal’. As the situation with live shows is not improving and to echo the importance of music for the UK economy, more than 1500 musicians joined the #LetTheMusicPlay movement through a letter sent to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Oliver Dowden, with whom they are looking for the authorities to finally support them in this difficult time. Godsmack Concert / Photo: Getty In that letter, they mention how vital it is for an industry like music that the government take action on the matter. To do this, all those who signed the document asked Dowden to help them by publishing a calendar for the resumption of concerts, financial support and exempt them from paying taxes on the sale of tickets. According to Variety, the musicians cited a study by Media Insight Consulting where they mentioned that in 2019 alone, the music industry contributed £ 4.5bn to the UK economy and supported 210,000 jobs. “Until these companies can operate again, which is likely to be in 2021 at the earliest, government support will be crucial to avoid mass insolvencies and the end of this world-leading industry,” the letter says. The musicians who signed the letter And perhaps what most caught the attention of all this were the artists who joined the #LetTheMusicPlay campaign, since for years they had not seen such a spectacular lineup and above all, supporting each other. Let’s start with the legends, since both Paul McCartney and The Rolling Stones signed that letter and published messages of support for the government to protect the entire music industry. Today Paul joins artists, promotors, agents, venues and more in asking the UK government to protect the live music industry. Share photos and videos of the last show you went to using the hashtag #LetTheMusicPlay to show your support! – Paul McCartney (@PaulMcCartney) July 2, 2020 Show your support for live music and share a photo from the last gig you went to with #LetTheMusicPlay Here’s the setlist from the Rolling Stones last live show in Miami in 2019 – The Rolling Stones (@RollingStones) July 2, 2020 One of the musicians who were most active in lobbying the authorities was Liam Gallagher himself, who according to NME said that ” incredible concerts don’t happen without an incredible behind-the-scenes team, but everyone will be out of a job unless we can do what we love again, ”and of course he’s right. And although he was courageous, his brother Noel also joined this campaign. Live music must be protected! Share memories of your last gig using #letthemusicplay and lets make sure the message is heard by the UK Government.📷: DC Arena, Bangkok, Nov 30th (Sharon Latham) – Noel Gallagher (@NoelGallagher) July 2, 2020 The list of artists who signed the truth letter is huge, since it includes names such as Blur, Radiohead, David Gimour, The Cure, PJ Harvey, Johnny Marr, Sam Smith, Lewis Capaldi, Coldplay, Dua Lipa, Deezee Rascal, Franz Ferdinand, Foals, New Order, Muse, Cher, Phil Collins, Rita Ora, Eric Clapton, Sting and more. With all these great musicians the truth is that it would give us to put together a spectacular festival. Blur stands with artists, road crew, agents, promoters, venues and more, in appealing for the UK Government to support and protect the UK live music industry #LetTheMusicPlay. More info on the campaign here – blur (@blurofficial) July 2, 2020 The response from the government and Oliver Dowden In response to this whole situation, Oliver Dowden He wrote on Twitter: “I understand the deep anxiety of those who work in music and the desire to see fixed dates for the reopening. I’m pushing hard for those dates to be set and given a clear vision of the comeback. This implies very difficult decisions about the future of social distancing, which we know has saved lives. ” I understand the deep anxiety of those working in music & the desire to see fixed dates for reopening I am pushing hard for these dates & to give you a clear roadmap back These involve v difficult decisions about the future of social distancing, which we know has saved lives – Oliver Dowden (@OliverDowden) July 1, 2020 A government spokesperson told Variety: “We are already providing unprecedented financial aid that many music organizations and artists have taken advantage of, such as the loans and the job retention plan, and we continue to seek additional support that we can provide to the industry. ” “We recognize that this pandemic has created great challenges for the sector and we are working closely with them to develop a comprehensive orientation so that performances and events return as soon as possible,” they concluded.