5 reasons to have an influencer in your marketing strategy | Merca2.0 Magazine |

They will help you reach younger audiences. They have the ability to refresh the image of your brand. It is an advertising model according to current times. Saying that today’s world is of influencers is no exaggeration. Suffice it to see that the youngest audience has them as their main cultural icons to know that taking them to be part of your brand will be a good way to invest your money. From their own trenches called Instagram or YouTube, the influencers are the current messengers of the trends and an audience gathered around them that elevates them to the quality of new idols. A figure with that scope is undoubtedly a tool that every brand wants to have on its side to reach the markets it seeks. According to data from the market research agency Linqia, in 2018 six out of 10 marketers carried out one or more campaigns with influencers, which gives us an idea of ​​how important they have become in recent years. With this background, we tell you the reasons why an influencer can be very useful to publicize your brand or reinforce its image with your audience. They will help you make your brand more dynamic. The language and the ways in which influences behave will undoubtedly make your brand look fresher and more current. An influencer carries in his own imprint everything that your brand needs: scope, popularity and presence. You will reach the right audience They will make your target audience immediately captivated without you going in search of them. The persuasive power of the influencer is so great in his followers that it will be like a magnet that will go from him to your brand in a few steps. They will help your brand gain reliable status. If they use your brand, then it is because it is trustworthy. Their interaction with the products or services that will help you promote will give your followers the certainty that it is something worth using. Their power of conviction will work in your favor. They will make your brand a trend The fact that an influencer uses your brand and promotes it through that great ocean of energy that is social networks, will help it go viral and reach many people through its power of announcement. It will make your brand an experience. The influencer will not only be one more user of your brand, but will also talk about what he felt when using it and the experiences he lived through it, which will immediately create a desire in your target audience to want to feel what same. Their ability to establish closeness between your brand and the public will give you good results. There is no doubt that having these new celebrities of the digital age on your side can become one of the best strategic moves you can make for your brand. Maybe your service or product has all the essential attributes to stand out on its own, but if you add to that a figure with a huge hook to propel it, then you will have in your hands powerful energy to take your brand wherever you want. Other related content: TikTok takes down Instagram and influencer marketing could change platforms This is how social media is used in marketing SUBSCRIBE TO PREMIUM CONTENT FOR ONLY $ 299